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Enjoying the luxury of healthy skin, whilst remaining true to your principles is now simple with the new range of halal-certified skincare from OnePure


Dubai:   Innovative luxury beauty brand, OnePure, is making an immediate impact on the Middle-Eastern cosmetics scene with its pioneering products that promise fast and effective results, while remaining dedicated to its halal-certification.


Layla Mandi, Founder and CEO of OnePure spent ten years as a make-up artist in the United States and Canada and she felt constant frustration at mainstream cosmetic and beauty brands using ingredients that were considered haram by her Islamic faith. She then began researching alternative ingredients that would have the same impressive results, while giving Muslims peace of mind.


She explains: “Some people have said that the amounts of haram ingredients we absorb through beauty products are low and it does not really matter to them; but if you consider all the skincare products you use every year you can see that the exposure is not inconsequential. We know it is haram to have these things in our bodies. We know that our skin is an organ and what we put on it is absorbed into our body; this is why doctors often use a patch on our skin to administer medication.”


“I developed OnePure Skin Care because I believe that it is unnecessary to have haram ingredients in skincare. I wanted to care for my skin and wanted to observe my religious responsibilities, so I researched and developed this very special halal skincare line,” Mandi says.


OnePure is proud to introduce its debut skin care range that contains an organic mix of halal-certified ingredients created to maximize the skin’s natural beauty. Nurturing your skin need not mean a compromise on Islamic principles, as OnePure has developed a unique formula of beauty products specifically designed for the discerning Arabic market.


The first product to launch is the OnePure Skincare Travel Collection. Within a sleek elegant white box are four products that compose the essential every day skin care regime: The Crystal Clear Cleanser; The Perfect Toner; Super-Charged Moisture Gel and Eye Dream Cream. Formulated to restore essential pH balance and revitalize tired skin with instantly visible results, the range is specifically designed to combat the complaints specific to Arabic women, including dark under-eye circles and to neutralize the effects of harsh Middle-Eastern weather conditions on the skin.


The OnePure Skincare Travel Collection costs US$125 and the 30ml bottles last for eight weeks. The products are also available to purchase individually. OnePure products are currently sold on board Saudi Airline’s and in 50 Degrees located at Souk Al Bahar, Dubai.


An impressive expansion plan is planned for OnePure that will see Body and Hair Care ranges launched in the future, all Halal-certified and all guaranteeing the dedication to excellence OnePure is fast becoming renowned for.




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10 Responses to One Pure Skin – Middle East

  1. abrx says:

    Dear Sir,

    We would like to have the contact details of OnePure (Ms Layla Mandi) We are interested in selling OnePure in Europe

    best regars
    Ab Benay

  2. Dani Wilson says:


    Yes please contact
    Can I please ask how you heard of Onepure Skin Care.

    Please visit for more info or dont hesitate to contact me.



  3. AAY SUKARDI says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    We would like to have the contact details of OnePure (Ms Layla Mandi).
    We are interested in selling OnePure in Indonesia.

  4. Dani Wilson says:


    Please contact Suhail Tayeb,


  5. khadijah sulaiman says:

    As a muslim would like to know more about your products. Also is there a possibility for me to be a distributor in Malaysia.

  6. Mansooreh says:

    I would like to sell one pure products in Iran. How can I contact Layla Mandy.

  7. i would like to sell one pure in Malaysia, because women in my country had passion in skin care..

  8. rabah meflah says:

    please tell if it is possible to became a distributor of your products in Algeria.
    Best regards.

  9. elisa says:

    ____Amazing productt.(:

  10. nurul says:

    hello dani,

    May I know what are the criteria One Pure look for in a company/individual to be considered to become a dostributor for its products. I am interested to distribute in Malaysia Singapore Brunei and even Indonesia. TQ

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